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Doing What You're Told Only Makes You Average

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You know the saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry?” You know what’s better than being safe? Being extraordinary. People often make the mistake of thinking that doing all the tasks in their job description makes them excellent, even exceptional. But the job description is the starting point, not the destination. Great leaders (and top performers) are relentless in assessing current conditions and taking decisive, future-focused action. They don’t wait for someone else to tell them what to do; …

Build your connections before you need your connections

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Most professionals agree that the quality and breadth of one’s connections are critical to organizational and personal success. Positive relationships support problem solving, crisis management, collaborations, new initiatives and even enhance career opportunities. Despite this understanding, colleges don’t emphasize teaching networking strategies for students. Moreover, though we may agree that networking is important, many of us don’t intentionally create an action plan to develop our own network. As leaders, we need to make

Silos, Fortresses and Lunch With Strangers

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Is your organization a series of fortresses where departments battle each other for resources, attention, and influence? Too often in large organizations, staff may rarely connect with others outside their department unless forced to do so through meetings, processes get implemented without an understanding of broader implications and consequences, and information passes only through select channels. The result is not an effective organization committed to global goals, but a series of petty fiefdoms whose individual focus often distorts the larger …

6 Ways to Encourage Risk Taking and Disruptive Innovation

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Photo courtesy of Ken Douglass Successful leaders are forever under pressure to produce consistent results and maintain high standards. The inclination over time is to protect status by making conservative decisions and taking fewer risks, but this kind of behavior leads to stagnation. The most innovative organizations thrive on leadership and a culture that encourages

The Antidote to Ambiguity: Values-Based Leadership

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What is your mission statement? How many people in your organization have read it? Understand it? Remember it? BELIEVE IT? And, how many of those who remain after answering those questions have actually adopted it? Management books universally extol the importance of a mission statement. I have both suffered through mission development exercises as a staff member and been hired to facilitate these sessions. The process goes something like this: a group of senior administrators lock themselves in a room …

Get Your Head Out of the Sand: Progressive Leaders Use Social Media

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Lost amidst stories about Farmville and Anthony Weiner’s inappropriate tweets is the tremendous potential for digital leadership. The platform, whether LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest, doesn’t matter. Today’s most progressive leaders are recognizing and leveraging the benefits of social media. For those who dismiss digital initiatives as a distraction, it’s time to stop making excuses, learn enough to make informed decisions, and focus on the future. Social media serves to humanize leaders and reveal authenticity in a way that a biography …

Great Leaders Deliver High Impact Presentations

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People underestimate the power of a good presentation. I’ve delivered public speaking and electronic presentation training to corporate executives, college students, and colleagues for two decades. People have told me they’ve gained business accounts, aced classes, nailed conference presentations, received awards, and landed jobs using presentations that benefitted from the simple, yet powerful, lessons of my training. Presentations matter, and great presentations help distinguish you and serve as

What is your Super Power?

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What can you do better than anyone else–in your department, in your organization or in the country? I ask that question in corporate trainings, presentations, and job interviews. The answers I receive are wide-ranging, but topping the list of frequency are, “I’m great with people,” I’m cialis without prescription an advocate for others,” or my all-time favorite, “I’m really, really nice!” BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ [Wrong Answer!] Those answers are not distinguishing attributes or skills; everyone thinks they have those traits. More than …

No Clothes Leadership and 7 Ways to Avoid It

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Every leader needs to surround him/herself with people who will give honest feedback. When a leader heads down a questionable path, when his idea is unrealistic, or when she’s deaf to the pulse of what’s happening, someone needs to fearlessly point out that “the emperor has no clothes.” Sadly, this kind of intervention rarely occurs, and leaders are largely to blame. As critical as assessment is to developing leadership competency, those in positions of power don’t ask for much of …

5 Ways To Diversify Your Development And Be A Rockstar In Your Field

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Most higher education professionals haven’t had very diverse experiences. They move steadily from an undergraduate degree to Master’s and PhD and settle into a career without ever leaving the sanctity and homogeneity of an institutional setting. As professionals, they travel to conferences, attend educational workshops, and read journals and books, all focused SPECIFICALLY in their discipline. Advancement and praise are afforded to those who further divide the proverbial pie of theories and research relative to their expertise into smaller bits …

Because That’s The Way We Do Things Around Here

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Have you ever looked at a situation and asked why something was done a certain way and been met with the stern reply, “Because that’s the way we do things around here” or some variation? Most of us have, and there’s research that sheds some light on the issue. buy cigarettes online in usa Harry Harlow was an American psychologist best cheap viagra online known for his controversial social experiments on Rhesus monkeys. In one of his experiments, he placed …